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Electric Smoke in Glass II

New and Improved item


Welcome to the world of smoke & mirrors...
This Item  has been TOTALLY IMPROVED, mostly with the quality of the GERMAN TECNOLOGY INSIDE but also with a new SURPRISE ENDING
that will allow you to carry on afterwards.
This prop will allow you to create heavy smoke inside a drinking glass, small beer bottle or similar.

I present this effect in a very mystic way, but here I am only going to tell you the different steps to follow to finish with a flourish--the rest is really up to you.

*1) While speaking to the audience in a very casual way, I take out the packet of cigarettes from my pocket, and place it on the table.
There should be some different types of drinking glasses, ask if you can borrow one--empty  of course (if full, you can take your chance at having a free drink) and place it either in the center of the table ( if more than four people) or near you. Tell any story you want to, and while speaking, casually open your packet, take out one cigarette, AND..................................THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS..........................