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Bravosky's Electronic Mental Mat


It’s a multifunctional undercover electronic mat.
It will allow you to perform all sorts of magic on top, and at a specific moment
of your presentation....HOP !!!!

This mat looks like any normal mat, but has two tops (double skin).
You can peel off the top one, which is held in place with Velcro all around
and a second top appears, in beautiful velvet black.

On that one, you see printed a telephone, with numbers on it.
This telephone will help (so you say) to mentally communicate  with the magician (you).

Important points

*The MAT can be fully examined at any time, before and after the effects
*Can also be used in conjunction with the “Cesaral ESP Mental Mat

*The magician NEVER touches the MAT. Only the spectator does
*Can be used to transmit information between the Magician and his assistant
*The receiver can be easily hidden in many places, like a NOTEPAD.
*Very nice, slim, and simple to use design
*Easy to do. No sleight of hand, leaving you to concentrate on the presentation!



        -- Can perform all types of mathematical "MENTAL OPERATIONS"
        --You INSTANTLY get all the information and results up to 30 yards away

(Routine included)

You can also transform all mathematical figures you are getting INTO WRITTEN MESSAGES.

When a person 'dials' any number on the phone (supposedly to contact you mentally) he is actually sending you all the information strait in to the pen  you will be holding in your hand.

This will allow you many different possibilities among which is a revolutionary one:


Appear to have memorized the text of an entire book--on the spot !

"FINGER AT ANY PAGE, ANY PLACE" (Routine included)

You enter a room... anybody can just pick up any book from any shelf. The spectator can think of any page number in  the book he's holding (NEVER ANNOUNCES THE PAGE AT ALL)  and the magician can simply start spelling out the first word on that page ! OR explaining the scene described there, OR reciting the first line of that same page, and continue reading the page  from there. Nothing to memorize. The rest is just "presentation".

The result IS A KILLER !

OR the classic ...

Communicating with the dearly departed (Necrology)
(Based on T. Anneman theories.) Routine included.

Anybody in the room can just "MENTALLY" ask any questions (NEVER SPEAKING THEM ALOUD) to a lost loved one, and after using some of your theatrical abilities, you just start:

Saying the name of the dearly departed...and answering the questions,
among other possibilities...


1) you can stop people's watches on top of it without touching them
2) you can call and make a playing card  move on her own out of a deck, to be the mentally selected card

AND MANY MORE  depending on your creativity...

Very limited edition... Reserve yours now