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"Cyberspace" Mental Control Watch

***A great mental miracle ***

- Larry Becker


“The watch is beautiful. What's funny is the fact that when the hands are moving it looks like what only mentalists see when they are using watches like Perfect Time and others of that ilk. Your watch can actually stop on a time only thought of by a spectator and flat on the table without touching it.

You have truly created the ultimate watch miracle.”



Three of the best known “mental watches,” together in one beautiful timepiece. This precision watch contains three different action systems, so many different presentations and routines are possible! You can wear this as your everyday watch. It is a Swiss-made movement in a beautiful Japanese case.

**The Routine**

• A spectator mentally selects a time, but never writes anything down or says a word. Place your watch on the table, and without touching it, the hands start running like crazy and stop at the time the spectator mentally selected! You can also do this routine with the watch on your wrist.

• Without the spectator saying a word, suddenly the watch starts running like crazy and stops at the mentally selected time, even while you re blindfolded! There is no force of any kind.

• With the watch on a spectator's wrist, you cause it to run like crazy and stop at the mentally selected time.
• Comes with full instructions for five complete routines with eight variations!
• Remember, the spectator never mentions the mentally selected time. It is kept secret in their mind! And, you never have to touch the watch to perform the effect!
• One year full guarantee.
• Only 24 of these have been made, and when they are gone, there will be no more...
• Not a prediction watch. A watch that demonstrates your power of telekinesis!