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signed card to fire wallet


"Rising" Signed Card in Flaming Wallet


The picture says it all! Karl Bravosky's "Rising" Signed Card in Flaming Wallet is one of the most exciting items we have seen in a long time! I am sure that the gigantic flames coming out of the wallet have a lot to do with the excitement.

In answer to numerous requests for a high-quality "Hot Wallet", our good friend Karl Bravosky has created the best one we've seen.

Here are some key points;

• hip-pocket style, easy to carry
• top-grade, hand-polished leather, designed to remain very flat.
• No metal parts, no asbestos. And, no refill is required for three hours!
• Can be shown "normal" after the flames are extinguished. And, can be used to carry money, credit cards, etc.


Plus, not just a great sight gag, it's a complete routine!
Have a card selected and signed. The card is then shuffled into the deck, lost forever. Explain that you will make the card appear inside your wallet. Bring out your wallet, open it up, and YIKES! ... Gigantic Flames!

Quickly close the wallet to douse the flames. Suddenly, a card begins to rise from inside the wallet! As the card continues to rise, the audience will be amazed to see that it is the signed selected card!

In addition to the high quality wallet, you get several excellent routines and full instructions. Very limited production.
Note: Since this effect uses real fire, we cannot sell it to anyone under the age of 18.